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This site is meant to offer information about as many puzzles as possible.

Are you looking for a puzzle for yourself or to give as a present? You can look in a growing and current offer in puzzles of different with care chosen shops.

On this moment there are 1218 puzzles online.

Please select the category in the right column. Now there will be sought in the files en the results will be shown.

If you know the name of the puzzle, you can type it in at ´look´. Click on the puzzle of your choice and the complete information will appear.

Select from which shop (several options) in your area you wish to get the information, click on ´to form´ en there will appear a form you have to fill out. Then press ´send´. A copy will be sent to your mail address. The company you chose will sent you the necessary information, like the price, time of delivery, availability and forwarding-charges as soon as possible.

Happy puzzling!

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